A Quick Digital Autograph

As technology progresses we started thinking, why does everyone scatter to find a

pen, paper, a piece of clothing, a body part, to capture an autograph of a sports

figure, musical artist, or any other famous person we come in contact with?  


Too many moments in our life are chance meetings with someone we share a few

minutes of time with. We engage in a quick picture, maybe a hello, maybe more.


Almost every time we get that celebrity figure to autograph something. Not

because we are memorabilia chasers, but, more a fan and grateful to have that

encounter. We want to remember that moment.


Too often however, as timepasses, we forget where that item ends up?  Where is that hat?  Whose

autograph was this?  That autograph is worn out!  We set out to change the

engagement between fans and celebrities.  Syn'd created the digital library to

save and remember all your own personal engagements.


Then, make your own memorabilia, or share your encounters with your friends. We are elevating the

fan and celebrity experience. At the same time, allowing celebrities to connect in

new ways with their fans in a digital and virtual world. 

Syn'd is here. Elevating the experience!


From one fan to another,

The Syn'd Team

Quote from the Best

"Great Autograph App, makes it easy to sign for my fans!"

Brian Moorman
Buffalo Bills (2001–2012)

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