Synd, A digital lasting memory

Where is that hat?  Whose autograph was that?  Where were we when we met that person?

 All questions that loom over us when we experience that moment of running into someone

famous.  Then, we can’t remember where that piece of clothing is?  Where that baseball is?

Syn'd set out to create a lasting memory to live through as many times as you want.  


Just log in and view your Wall of Fame.  Your own personal recollection of the moments in time where

you got that selfie with your favorite baseball player, your favorite chef, your favorite singer.  I

ran into a retired NFL running back a month ago at an event.  I remember begging for another

big run, another touchdown, another Super Bowl from this guy!  Then, he is standing right in

front of me.  No need to find a pen.  No need to find


No need to find a pen.  No need to find paper.  No need to find a napkin. 


I launched my Syn'd App, snapped a selfie with him, and he autographed it right then and

there.  We talked for a few minutes and that was that.  A memory that will last.  A memory I can

customize later.  Hang a picture in my office of that day.  The funny part about that is….I met

this same person 5 years ago!  At a Yankee game!  My son got an autograph on a shirt he was

wearing.  Since then, the shirt (which he likes to wear) is worn out.  The autograph is barely

legible.  With Syn'd, we would have had the picture forever.  No need for “autograph



GetSynd.com is the answer.  We hope you enjoy and create lots of instantaneous memories

and share them with your friends!



The Syn'd Team

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Quote from the Best

"Great Autograph App, makes it easy to sign for my fans!"

Brian Moorman
Buffalo Bills (2001–2012)

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