An interaction we had with a fan this weekend. Pretty cool….

The power of the Syn’d App! Recently, we were made aware of an instance where one of our Syn’d Ambassadors was viewing a game at a local establishment. After a while, a young local fan came up to him and asked for a picture and an autograph. As our former NFL player “synd” the hat, there were pictures being taken. As they finished, the young man and his mother were made aware of the Synd application. They downloaded and had one of the picture “synd” to remember forever. About 15 mins later, a family member who was 1500 miles away, and a “HUGE” fan of this particular player was in awe that is nephew received a pic and an autograph. The gentlemen found his favorite picture, sent it to his son via text, who uploaded the pic to his Synd Application and within 30 seconds, that gentlemen who was 1500 miles away was now in possession of a digital autograph from one of his favorite former players.

Syn’d was created to create memories exactly like this one. We live in a dynamic digital world. We have only moments in time to remember these chance meetings that change peoples lives. This family was the recipient of a chance occurrence and now shares that occurrence with the rest of their family.

We appreciate all of our fans of Syn’d and all of the celebrities that are finding new ways to connect with their fans at another level by using our application.

We hope you all continue to enjoy and share your experiences with our Syn’d team. Please email us at info@getsynd.com. You can also follow us on twitter @getsynd. Follow us on Facebook!


The Syn’d Team

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"Great Autograph App, makes it easy to sign for my fans!"

Brian Moorman
Buffalo Bills (2001–2012)

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