As technology progresses we started thinking, why does everyone scatter to find a pen, paper, a piece of clothing, a body part, to capture an autograph of a sports figure, musical artist, or any other famous person we come in contact with?     Too many moments in our life are chance meetings with someone we share a few minutes of time with. We engage in a quick picture, ma ...

Everyday there are opportunities.  Everyday there are moments.  Moments that create memories that last a lifetime.  Memories for Parents and Children to share. Memories kids want to share with their friends.     We live in a social world.  We   We live in a world where our moments should be saved forever.  Syn'd helps all of us achieve that goal.  Syn'd brings us closer ...

Where is that hat?  Whose autograph was that?  Where were we when we met that person?  All questions that loom over us when we experience that moment of running into someone famous.  Then, we can’t remember where that piece of clothing is?  Where that baseball is? Syn'd set out to create a lasting memory to live through as many times as you want.     Just log in and view y ...

Quote from the Best

"Great Autograph App, makes it easy to sign for my fans!"

Brian Moorman
Buffalo Bills (2001–2012)

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