The power of the Syn’d App! Recently, we were made aware of an instance where one of our Syn’d Ambassadors was viewing a game at a local establishment. After a while, a young local fan came up to him and asked for a picture and an autograph. As our former NFL player “synd” the hat, there were pictures being taken. As they finished, the young man and his mother were made aware o ...

Modernize.  There’s little doubt we’re in "the experience economy."

"Events are becoming a bigger thing, the experience is becoming a bigger thing," Cochran says.  "The picture has become a really big deal."

And so Bedrock partnered up with GetSynd.  Two GetSynd reps came in with iPads, and took pictures of customers with Pérez if they wanted them.  Pérez finger-signed the pic right on screen, and GetSynd sent the pic to the customer’s email.  It’s the autograph wrinkle for the selfie era, and Cochran found her way to put some twists on it.

GetSynd partnered up with Buffalo's 97 Rock to create a first ever digital signed wish wall!

As you may know, Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly is once again fighting cancer.  Jim’s ties to the Buffalo area are deep as he spent 11 seasons with the Bills.  At GetSynd, we have a strong connection to Buffalo also as our co-founder Brian Moorman was a punter for the Bills for 13 seasons.

Quote from the Best

"Great Autograph App, makes it easy to sign for my fans!"

Brian Moorman
Buffalo Bills (2001–2012)

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