What is Syn'd


Everybody wants to relive the once-in-a-lifetime experience of meeting a famous idol and getting their autograph. With Syn’d fans can forgo the pen and get signatures digitally and automatically placed on any selfie or picture. So come on, get Syn’d and share your own personal Wall of Fame with the world.

Swipe Action Photos

Swipe Left to take a photo, Swipe right to view your library of signed photos.

Swipe actions make it easy to get your autographs quickly when time is of the essence.


Many autograph features to get the right photo!

After taking an image: tap the side color bar to select a hue, sign or re-sign the photo, rotate the photo, delete or take a new photo, and save to your Wall of Fame gallery.

My Wall of Fame

View and browse your library of Syn'd photos. Add details and name photos.

Share with any social media network.

Great autograph app, makes it easy to sign for my fans!

Brian Moorman - Buffalo Bills (2001–2012)

App Screenshots for Syn'd

We have made it easy to create digital autographs on selfies and photos and have spent time making it quick because you never know who you are going to meet and want an autograph! Below are a number of screenshots showing the ease of use of the Syn'd App.

Main Launch Screen

Main Launch Screen

When launching the application, you are presented with the main screen. Swipe Right and take a picture, Swipe Left and view your Wall of Fame.

Home Screen Menu

Home Screen Menu

The Home screen menu allows you to view your library of autographs and log into Facebook. Logging into Facebook allows you to save autographs in the cloud, giving you the ability to access and share on any computer.

Autograph a Selfie or Photo

Autograph a Selfie or Photo

Autographing your selfie or photo is easy. Click the pencil button, select your color and sign. Other options allow you to re-sign, select different colors, rotate or create an entirely new photo.

Accessing your Library

Accessing your Wall of Fame

Swiping Left from the home screen to see the autographs making up your Wall of Fame. You can also create image details, deleting old photos or create new autographs.

Share your Autograph

Share your Autograph

When viewing details of your autograph, click on to the share button to share with your favorite social media network such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and more.

Camera or Photos

Camera or Photos

Use camera or photos when using the Syn'd app. This allows for using photos taken at other times or from other sources.

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